Sunday, July 5, 2009

13: Animating the Inanimate

I've been sitting here for 30B years looking at this stone; I wonder how much longer I'll have to wait for someone to call me on it?

We take the animation of the inanimate very much for granted today, it is after all a measure of the achievement of humanity. But for most of history, materials remained stubbornly inanimate until the female arrived on the scene. Armed with the most amazing creative technology that we do not even begin to understand today, all that changed. Life sprung forth in all its glory ... As I write over 100M human female technicians are tending and maintaining these sophisticated machines as they assembling little animate and sentient human beings; inanimate atom by inanimate atom ... How amazing is that!

But you can begin to see the male frustration here. Whilst also having a creative urge, his abilities are limited by his hand and brain. I postulate the emergence of Science, as the male response to the female domination of creation. By the evidence of his eye, it was possible to animate materials; and after one thousand years of close examination of the properties of materials, and application of these findings, we have attained this lowly point on the road to sexual equality. It is perhaps no surprise that Science is predominantly a male preserve, as they strive to satisfy their creative urge the only way they can.

... And interesting, that that science is generally directed toward the improvement of the human condition; to complement the human-creativity role. Seems we may make a good team after all, though destined to have seriously different mental predispositions on the way to achieving it.